Faith Community Church is an urban, multi-cultural church in the Park Place community of Norfolk, Virginia. Concerned about many homeless African American men who were not allowed to be housed at the Union Mission in Norfolk, Virginia, a group of believers under the leadership of Dr. James A. Handy established the Colored Union Mission circa 1932. Following the model of the Union Mission, daily counseling, Bible studies, and evening preaching ministries were organized. After segregation was judged illegal, the Union Mission integrated and the Colored Union Mission ceased operation. Because of the dynamic relationships and compassionate ministries established by those involved with the Colored Union Mission, the group decided to stay together and formed a church to continue worshiping and ministering together. They named this church Faith Tabernacle Church of Norfolk.
    After worshiping together for nearly 20 years, two groups went out from this church and established two separate churches. The brethren from Portsmouth, Virginia, established Calvary Evangelical Church under the leadership of Rev. Cleandrus L. Nixon; the brethren from Norfolk, Virginia, established Faith Community Church under the leadership of Rev. James L. Drew. The first meeting of this church was held on September 29, 1963, and the first Deacons were Golden Hudgins, Richard Moore, and Jesse Batts. On January 3, 1964, the church purchased a house on the corner of East 30th and Granby Streets. The first morning service was held in the house on 30th Street,  November 10, 1964. At the evening service, oil lamps had to be used because the electricity was not turned on until later that week.
    Over the next 20 years, through the sacrificial giving of members and friends, houses and other property surrounding this initial building were purchased until an entire block and part of an adjacent block belonged to the church. During these years, the rich legacy of compassionate ministry and sound biblical education became the foundation of Faith Community Church, which is now reflected in its current Purpose and Vision.
    In August 1985, after serving many years as missionaries in Nigeria, West Africa, Rev. Olah Moore and his wife, Deborah returned to Faith Community Church, the church in which he grew up. Olah became Associate Pastor of the church, and on January 22, 1989, became its Senior Pastor.
To God be the glory, great things He has done!